Harvey the Baker (1996)

Harvey loves a good sponge cake, and today he has company. It's his friend Chip, who wants to congratulate Harvey on his birthday. This is a good reason to find the book of recipes and make a tasty sponge cake. Everything is available, sugar, eggs, butter, milk and flour. The batter is very tasty and the cake came out nice. And that's lucky, because now there are more guests coming...

In the third book about Harvey we get to know his friend Chip. Together they bake a cake after grandmother's old recipe. Everything is done step-by-step, med clear and funny illustrations. While the cake is baking, they help each other with the dishes and finally the show how to turn the cake around and put it on a nice paper. In the end of the book you will also find the complete recipe.

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Excerpts from the book

Click in the small image to show a high-resolution version. Note, these excerpts are from the Swedish edition.

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It's Harvey's birthday
Harvey and Chip looks in the cupboard
Some of the things you need

Harvey the Baker is published by Kingfisher Books.