Harvey the Painter (1998)

Harvey loves to work. Today he is painting his cupboard and Chip will help him. What color should they use? Chip comes up with an idea: First they paint it blue on the outside and white on the inside. Then they paint one of the doors yellow and the other one red. The upper and lower part will be black, and the shelves green. But there is no green paint...

The book shows step-by-step how you paint. First you need covering paper and aprons. Then they paint, using all the colors of the rainbow. When the green paint is missing, Harvey shows how to mix yellow and blue to get the green color. In the end of the book there are tips and a color chart that shows how to mix colors.

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Excerpts from the book

Click in the small image to show a high-resolution version. Note, these excerpts are from the Swedish edition.

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Harvey's cupboard needs painting
Paint, brushes and some sticks
The doors are painted red and yellow

Harvey the Painter is published by Kingfisher Books.