Harvey's flat tire (2004)

Harvey and Chip are going on a small bike trip, to have a picnic. But the tire is flat - a flat tire! "If you have a flat tire, you must fix it. That's the way it is", says Harvey. To fix a flat tire is fun, but there is a small surprise...

In the last book in the Harvey series we get to know how to fix a puncture in the traditional way, with a rubber patch, sanding paper and rubber solution. Chip looks for the hole using water and Harvey applies the patch, with each step clearly described with pictures. And finally they get their picnic.

This book has never been published in English.

Excerpts from the book

Click in the small image to show a high-resolution version. Note, these excerpts are from the Swedish edition.

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Harvey and Chip are going on a picnic
Chip hit a nail
There are bubbles from the tube

The original Swedish title "Castors punka" is published by Alfabeta Bokförlag.