My first bird book (1987)

To look at birds must be one of the funniest ways of learning about nature. My first bird book describes with both pictures and word approximately 40 of the most common (Scandinavian) birds, with emphasis on the birds that you actually see. Each bird is clearly pictured and in many cases there are both male and female examples, birds, feathers and more. Each bird is also described with a text that is written for children. There is also information about how the birds move, about eggs and chicks and about bird song.

WWF Sweden selected this book as "Panda book of the year" in 1989.

This book has never been published in English.

Excerpts from the book

Click in the small image to show a high-resolution version. Note, these excerpts are from the Swedish edition.

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What does the bird singing
Mallard Yellow-hammer

The original Swedish title "Första Fågelboken" is published by Rabén & Sjögren.