What do you want (2003)

The rooster wants his hen. The bumble-bee wants its flower. The old man wants his... yes, what?

A lovely and playful book for the smaller children about things that go together. Warm, beautiful and well-executed. And on the right level for the small ones.

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Published by Groundwood Books.

 Regal the Golden Eagle (1982)

Golden eagles dream about flying high. Everyone except Regal. Regal is afraid of heights, and he only flies very close to the ground. If he flies higher he becomes dizzy. His secret dream is to fly high in the sky. A small bird comes to the rescue...

"Regal" was Lars Klinting's first own children's book and it made quite a noise when it appeared. It has been translated to many different languages and has resulted in both an animated film and a stage play. The idea for the book came when Lars visited the island Lofoten and found a family of eagles. But it took several years to transform the idea into a book, but after that things went quickly. He turned over the manuscript to a publishing house one morning, and in the afternoon they called and told him the book was accepted and would be published.

This book has been published in English but is no longer available. 

Pearl's Adventure (1983)

A story about a small field mouse who wants to see the mountains.

This book has been published in English but is no longer available..

Vårdträdet (1984)

This book tells the story about what a tree on a farm will "see" during generations.

Never published in English.

Lilla kuten och andra ungar i naturen / Lilla kultingen och andra ungar på gården (1992/1993)

Funny and clever factual books about "animal children" for human children.

Never published in English. 

Leopold (1994)

Leopold is an old lion with hearing and visual impairments, but in the end he will show who is the king of the jungle.

Never published in English.