Games and other stuff

The publishing house Hjelms Förlag has worked together with Lars Klinting to create games and various other products with images from the Handy Harvey and "My first" nature book series. These products are currently not available outside of Sweden.

Harvey's stuff (Castors grejer)

Help Harvey to keep track of all his stuff and fill your game card with the red tiles. When you play this game you need a good memory and you need to keep track of where all the stuff is.

For children 4–10 years. 2–6 players




Bird memo/Tree memo

Memory games with pictures from "My first birdbook" and "My first tree book". The rules are simple: Mix all the cards and put upside down. The players take turns and draw tow cards at a time. If you get a pair, you keep it and you get another go. If you don't get a pair, you have to return the cards, and the next player is in turn.



Bird game

A card game with 52 playing cards with 15 different bird families. You must collect the different families, and at the same time you will get to know some of Sweden's most common birds. The pictures are from "My first bird book".






Placemats in plastic in format 42 x 30 cm. Motives from "My first bird book" and "My first tree book".

Picture cards and posters

Picture cards and posters with motives from "My first" books, Handy Harvey and Nils Holgersson.

You can see some of the motives on the Hjelms website.