The ”My First” series consists of four fact-filled, but easily accessible books for children. They contain basic information about Scandinavia’s most common birds, insects, animals and trees. The format makes the books excellent companions on field trips.

My first bird book describes 40 of the most common birds in Scandinavia. You learn about the biggest and the smallest birds, which are the most usual ones and why the birds sing.

My first tree book tells us about the most common trees and how to recognize them in different seasons.

My first insect book presents 100 different species that exists in Scandinavia.

My first animal book contains information about Scandinavia’s mammals, amphibians and reptiles – how to recognize them and what characterizes them.

Lars Klinting thought it important for children to learn as much as possible about nature, hoping that they would then also feel a respect and joy for nature. With the “My first” books, children can prepare for a more enjoying experience of nature.

Three of the books received the ”Panda book of the year” award by WWF Sweden.